Jacob Riis’ Museum in Ribe, Denmark

At the Museum of the City of New York, you can see the iconic photos by the Danish American Jacob Riis. I wish to go there when travelling is again is possible. Thankfully, a new museum close to his birthplace in Ribe, southern Denmark, opened last year. I believe that they have the same photos on display as in New York, making it easier to take that travelling is so limited.

Two photos from the Riis Museum in Ribe

Some of Riis’s photos from New York

One of my first posts was on his life story based on a biography. Please take a look.

Impressions from the texts on the walls of the Riis Museum

I hope you will bear with me that I have made posts about him before. He was a significant personality and not recognised before he found his destiny in the United States after struggling for his life to find his ground.  Then he was forgotten for many years and found again by another photo journalist to never be forgotten again.


  1. I sure wouldn’t mind if you even did another post on this extraordinary man, Maria. Thank you for showing me all this. Once again I have learned something new!! Thank you.


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