Revisiting Places of Interest in Copenhagen

Being in Copenhagen again to visit children and grandchildren, I chose to revisit the hospital where I was taught nursing from 1971-1975. Running four to five times a week, I go to places of personal interest like my first home, my ancestors’ addresses, and areas I liked to go to by bike when I lived in Copenhagen in my youth.

Training at the hospital, I was unaware of the important role the place played during WWII. Jewish refugees were hidden in the basements and hospital beds while waiting for transport to Sweden. Resisting the German occupation, many doctors and nurses were involved with illegal work.

Bispebjerg Hospital in the North Western part of Copenhagen

Not only did I have my most important years training as a nurse at this place, but my first home was situated across the road, and my twin brother and I learnt to walk in the park surrounding the hospital. Many years later, I discovered that my great grandmother on my father’s side was baptized in a lake in that park when it was controversial to be baptized as an adult.  I would like to return to that subject in the next post.

The memorial from the park where the first Baptists were baptized in the lake

The area around Grundtvigs Church

Among some of my first memories was a visit to my mother’s sister and her sons, who lived close to the famous Grundvigs Church on a hill very close to the hospital. The gate’s entrance in the archway was locked, but luckily a janitor let me in to see the great lawn where I then found my cousins. For more on their story, here is a post.

Choosing the motives, I focus on original buildings. So much is being rebuilt in a new an simpler style. Here in Denmark, the December days are short and often mild though the sun is mostly absent.

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