The Christ Church in Copenhagen

I knew the name of this Baptist church but never realized until recently that my great grandparents on my father’s side grew up in that church’s fellowship. When you dig into your family history and visit the places, they lived their lives become alive.  

Christ Church in Copenhagen

Christ Church in Copenhagen, the First Baptist Church in the Nordic countries inaugurated in 1867

Walking in their footsteps, we met the young pastor at the church. He let us in and spent an hour with us. Nobody would guess that he was a pastor with knowledge of history and the bible. Like in the Baptist pioneer time, he and the congregation reached out to many different people in the area.

He told us that the church was the first Baptist church among the Nordic countries. During WWII, the church leaders were involved with illegal work and played a major role in October 1943 by hiding Jews and transporting them safely to Sweden.


    • I find it all very unreal and sad. We have had viruses as long as humans have existed, and now one freedom after the other is taken away.
      Thank you again for reading my post. Merry Christmas to you from your Danish friends

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