A New Year’s Greeting with Illuminated Toys

Not all of you are interested in collecting toys, but I chose this week to greet you with a view into my Christmas decorated house, focusing on the old dolls and prams. Our house is not typically Danish as it is Swedish, inspired from living there for five years.

The dark outside is lit with various chains of light on the house and in bushes. Our neighbors did the same, so everything matches between our five houses in our cul de sac.   

The Ground Floor, hall, kitchen, and living room.  

The First Floor

A glass cupboard with a collection of things from my childhood and things that I have bought since then
An overview of the toy collection upstairs

Thank you so much for taking the interest in following me on this blog.

With these photos, I wish you a Better New Year!

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  1. Dear Maria, what a lovely collection of dolls & decorations. It’s been a while since I’ve been a regular blog ‘reader’ (the WordPress app no longer worked on my old iPad, and that’s where I preferred to read blogs – on the iPad. I was always in front of my laptop so much for work & other things, that when the ‘essential’ was done, I needed to break away. Now I’ve inherited my daughter’s old iPad (still newer than mine) where the WordPress app works (therefore ‘Reader’) so I’m enjoying rediscovering blogs that I hadn’t visited in a while. A very Happy New Year to you folks! God bless!

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. These old things bring me joy every day. When grandchildren come, I store them away or most of them. One girl of five years old is very interested, and she is allowed to choose something from the cupboard or the storage room to arrange. This Christmas, she made a tea party with my aunt’s porcelain, which I now have

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    • My grandmother inspired me, and the unfulfilled wishes as a child for baby dolls and related things. So the few things I have from my grandmother, aunts, and mother together with my own few items are among the many “new” pieces of toy I have bought through the last fifteen years. I have other blog posts related to the subject on my blog


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