An Old Street in Copenhagen

Our Savior's Church in Prinsesse Street, Copenhagen

Our Savior’s Church in Prinsesse Street, Copenhagen

Nearby this church, one of my paternal great grandfathers lived in the 1880s.  

Thankfully, some streets look like they have never changed. Amagergade in Copenhagen is one of them. When you see an old photo from the spot, there are many people and no cars. Today, that’s an impossibility.  When every fun thing is under lockdown, we still have the streets and nature to explore.

My great grandfather Niels Andersen had ‘Immigrated’ from Jutland and probably never went back. His young wife died 24 years of age, and after that loss, he found a new wife who had come from Sweden, where people were poorer than they were in Denmark. Without these incidents, I would not have been here. He lived in the yellow house in Amagergade when he married my Swedish grandmother.

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