An Old American Car

I was on my bike today on the road in an industrial area of my town. Normally not an attractive place but today was different.

A light blue American Veteran car, a Buick, was parked, which forced me to stop to take photos. 

The color, shape, and quality stood out and reminded me of my childhood. Not that we in Denmark had those cars in the 1950s but on the summer holiday in 1964 in my childhood close area, an American family arrived with relatives for many weeks. They had traveled by boat and brought their Buick with them.

It was not the same color or size but nearly as big as this one. I was among the few privileged to be invited for a ride to the Copenhagen Harbour called Langelinje. Sonny, the driver, was only seventeen, and we were around thirteen. He became a penpal with one of the girls in the street, so he kindly created a connection to a friend back home in North Carolina, a Vietnam soldier.

 I remember waiting for letters and the excitement of getting one once in a while. I regret that the letters are lost because it would be a historical thing to have letters from a Vietnam soldier. I don’t remember his name, so I will never know if he survived the war. I am glad I have visited the Vietnam Memorial twice in Washington, D.C.   

Photos from the Vietnam Memorial at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.


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