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People who get exiled from Twitter and Facebook have found a safe place for freedom of speech on the social media Telegram and Gab. One of them is Lin Wood a famous American lawyer.

From his Telegram page, he sends out a treasure trough of information on his fight for freedom and for his Christian faith. 

Please try this link to view the documentary on election fraud produced by Mike Lindell. It is slow to load but it works, it is worth the wait. Thanks

Lin Wood, [05.02.21 17:55]
Censorship of truth continues to run rampant and the First Amendment is being trampled in the process.

Lin Wood, [06.02.21 02:57]
The November 3, 2020 election was a fraud. The evidence is conclusive.

Yet there are a number of our fellow citizens who are uninformed about the truth of the November 2020 election. Uninformed as a result of indifference or uninformed by choice as they believe the illegal result furthers their political or social agenda. They will end up being awakened.

There are many people who are informed and know the election was a fraud but will never admit the truth outside of a criminal proceeding because they were involved in the fraud. They will end up going to jail or worse.

And then there are the Patriots. We know the truth. Donald J. Trump won a landslide re-election. He is our President. The Patriots will take the necessary steps within the bounds of the law to make certain that the truth prevails over the lie. The Patriots will end up free and our Constitutional rights will remain intact.

Each day the enemy is increasingly exposing itself as a lover of tyranny and a hater of freedom. The enemy is showing its true colors.

Never get in the way of the enemy when it is destroying itself. In due time, the enemy will completely ensnare itself. Then it will be much easier for the truth to prevail over the lie. Let the enemy do more of our work for us.

Stay strong in your faith. Trust God. Then wait on the Lord.

Watch it happen.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

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