Help The Children

Do we live in a time of contrast between good and evil? I feel like what has been known facts for many years are being thrown out as forgotten knowledge.

I am thinking about our children and their future.

I have seen pictures of newborn babies covered in plastic and others with masks where holes are cut for the eyes to see. What do these people think when they do that to innocent babies? Impressions by their senses are stolen from them. They need to be able to see clearly, smell their parents and touch and be touched. They need to hear their parents voices as they are and to come from behind a mask.

Later on, at schools, the children are afraid to test positive and cause their schools to close. Here in Denmark, children shall not wear masks at school, but I see them comply in the streets and shops.

The evilest thing to do, though, is to force them to take the experimental vaccine for a disease that doesn’t affect them. Let’s hope that horror show will be stopped before too many die.  

I am not alone in objecting to the way Covid-19 is treated. At the uncensored social media platform Telegram, many groups and individuals share their knowledge on PCR tests, treatment and prevention of severe cases of C-19 and finally, the many deaths and side-effects from the new ‘Vaccines’ e.g. gene therapies. Here is a link to one of them.

Frontline Doctors with dearly 84.000 subscribers

In contrast to this serious subject, nature shows all its beauty to lighten the mood in faith for a good future for our children. 


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