War Memorial and Graves for Allied Airmen on the Island of Langeland, Denmark

On a cold and windy Whit Sunday, on our way home from a trip to Zealand, Henry and I went to a war memorial at a churchyard placed high in the countryside of Langeland, a narrow island between Funen and Zealand.

Magleby Church at Langeland, Denmark

Thirteen British, Canadian and American Airmen were buried here at Magleby Churchyard. Six British and Canadian airmen are still buried here. The American have been moved to different military cemeteries. 

The German occupation powers decided that the dead airmen should be laid to rest at different central placed Danish graveyards. 

The Allied airmen came from nine different bombing aeroplanes, two Halifax machines, five B17, a B24 and a Lancaster. Later on, my husband Henry will write a post on the details of these tragic losses of young men. Here is a link to one of his posts on this subject and one on Wagner, who was on the B24.

This upcoming Monday is Memorial Day in the United States, and we, in Denmark, are thankful for the ultimate sacrifice these young airmen did for us. 


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