Pictures from Copenhagen

Copenhagen has grown in population, and old working-class area with older people have changed into lively places with young families and youths in the streets. Many bring their meals out in the parks and even the churchyard, which becomes recreative places.

From a visit last week I would like to show you some of the places I walked through.

For a very long time, road works have been ongoing due to Metro building and other work to hinder water damage from excessive rainfall. Finally, most are finished, and we are only waiting for tourists to return. I miss very much hearing languages from all over the place.

We now have to show the so-called Corona passport to sit down at a restaurant. The few times I have been in that situation, I tell them that I am exempt from testing and pass through. We are living in a strange world where our God-given freedoms disappear with most people’s acceptance.

Starting at the North-Western part of Copenhagen to the Eastern and the Central part and back to the Northern part where we stayed. A walk at about 15-18k.

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