Fourth of July Bike trip in our Danish Town

On this American celebration of Independence, my husband and I wanted to mark the special day in a way possible to us. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution are beacons of light, and if the USA falls, the whole world falls too, which is a quote from Ronald Reagan.

We took with us a simple picnic and made a trip to some lovely places in our neighborhood, about twenty kilometers in total.

We have a park with modern art and two art museums placed in connection with a university campus. We had our picnic on a stone border, decorating the area.

On our way back home, we passed along a new building at a lake for winter bathing, and canoeing inaugurated a few days ago. It reminds me of a future more normal than what we have witnessed these last fifteen months.

At the Fuglsang lake’s new venue

Have any of us anticipated a life where our Government regulates everything? Where can you travel? If You can take part in everyday activities only if you have a so-called Corona pass?

So far, I have managed to get around by saying I am exempt from tests and vaccines. This morning I read that this way of treating people is a Chinese torture method. You never know if the rules are changed or if you can do anything right.

As a young person, I heard about people in the former Soviet Union and East Germany; people were locked up in their country while constantly listening to indoctrination on how bad the Western world was. I find it ironic that we seem to have that situation now.

I highly recommend walking, running or biking to get out in nature and return home in higher energy and better mood.


    • Thank you for your encouraging comment. I feel very alone with my opinions on this subject though I know a host of people online who share my thoughts on the crimes against humanity

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