Little Dancer Aged Fourteen

  The original statue by Edvard Degas ( 1834-1917) is at the The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. It’s known and loved by many because after the death of the artist it was cast in bronze and placed in many different museums. The link to the museum explains in more detail. When Degas displayed it at an exhibition […]

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On our way to Boston

Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by ballet. On our flight our Royal Danish Ballet Company was on a tour to The United States. Two ballerinas were sitting close to us and I observed how one of them prepared a new pair of ballet shoes in a very skilled way. First she bent them a few times and then […]

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The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen 

From La Sylphide 2011 at the Danish Royal Ballet photo from the brochure

It’s the World’s Live Ballet Day and our royal ballet sent a “live” scene from the “Giselle” production. The ballet master Nicolaj Hübbe instructed two male solo dancers in their part in one of the acts. The studio is small and is the place where many famous ballets were created under the roof of the theatre.   When my parents […]

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