The Evil Sugar !

To be parents is a very big responsibility. In this article I am thinking of the importance of being an example or role model for your children. When they are about 4 months old it’s so good to be sat with you at the table when you eat together as a family. The small ones will be looking very close trying to figure out what’s going on. The baby will imitate the movements and be interested in once being able to eat with you the same things you enjoy. The baby can try small tastes of porridge made from gluten-free flour and vegetables that are boiled and soft and fluid.
What about sweet drink and sweets desserts and cakes ice cream?
I am sure that many has tried and survived. Any body would quickly like sugar and be interested in getting more.



It’s here the test comes. What you like and are accustomed to consume your baby will soon want the same.
So many times I have seen over weight parents getting over weight children. They start at a proper weight, but little by little as the family eat the industrial made and sugary food and drink, they soon get out of shape all of them together. Such a sad destiny. The good sugar is already in the fruit and other nutrients. So the children and the family would thrive so much better to derive the ingredients from whole food. There are no nutrients in the white sugar any way. It can lead to cancer, because the body gets something not meant for the body to build up the cells.
Your baby will get good habits and look good if you take the effort to cut the unhealthy food from your home.
Celebrating birthdays and other feasts it’s so wonderful to have cakes and other delicious things and it won’t harm your figure or health.

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  1. I often see people in my training centre who like me train very often. Still their body shape never change. They are round around the belly. I am sure that reduction of sugar and industrialised food would help them to get the body shape they desire.


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