Studying Hard Leads to Promotion!

The other night I attended a classical concert in our fine concert hall of the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The conductor was a young Spanish musician playing percussion until two years ago in the famous Koncertgebouw orchestra in Amsterdam.
He was so keen on studying the scores so always when playing his role as a percussionist he would  thoroughly study the scores for any piece they were performing. He also took as much extra courses on music while being educated for his task in the orchestra.
One day their famous conductor was ill and Gustavo Gimeno was asked to stand in. He was ready! It was a very complicated piece, but as he was ready he succeeded so well. He had never been to conductors classes. Now after two years he is wanted all over the place to conduct.
I enjoyed so much to watch him. His hands were swaying so elegantly. It was like watching a ballet.
The music became staccato like at some point and his body went into staccato movements.
The program was Johannes Brahms’ first piano concerto played by Marc André  Hamelin and the second part was Sheherazade by Rimskij -Korsakov.
He inspired me to be willing to do my best in the tasks I take on what ever they are.
I am a personal Christian and believe in the principle of sowing and reaping. You reap what you sow and that is both good and evil. So I will choose good.

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