Meeting The Child Emotionally

Borrowed from

Borrowed from

The other day as I trained in my gym I was there while mothers with babies were to go to the baby swim. They were about 6 to 10 months old. At that age the babies say a lot of sounds and syllables while they investigates the surroundings. Sitting or crawling or perhaps standing. All of them want to check with their mothers what it’s all about by looking for her expressions or just to be answered.
The baby close to me said a lot as she investigated the locker and the key. The mother was all the time silent. I felt it in side. O how I wanted to respond just by repeating the sounds and showing a smiley face that matched the situation.
A little further away another baby was making sounds while her mother was preparing for going to the swim lesson. She repeated the sound in a loving tone and they had a wonderful conversation in their own world.
I am sure both will get a good life, but the first one will learn that she is going to manage a lot on her own and will properly not look too much to get the expression from her mothers face of approval or the opposite. It will take longer to get hold of the language and to understand what’s going on in a conversation.
The other one will be very good at speaking but also maybe very sensitive when not being looked at and admired.
But I just can’t look away. These babies are so innocent and ready to learn and eager for getting smiles. I must talk to them when ever possible.


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