Sowing in the Darkest Hour

I met a beautiful young woman recently outside my training centre. She was happily married and was enjoying her work as a newly educated staff nurse. I was so thrilled to see that her life had turned out so well.

My thoughts went twelve years back. My youngest son had been placed in a home for mentally ill young people after having been in too close contact with drugs at a very young age. He had psychoses and was in long periods a patient at the mental ward too. I was grieving the loss and fighting fear of losing him. She was a classmate to him and I met her crying on a path where I came by on my bicycle. I stood with her, held her tight and she never said what troubled her. Both young people were 15 years old. She was the second out of eight children and they lived in a small house nearby. I decided to support her in paying her some of her school fee at a Christian boarding school. My son had been there but had been asked to stop due to his behaviour.

Twelve years have passed and she got her educating and a good life and my son got healed and has now passed all his exams and is about to enter an education. I am glad I chose to sow out even in a time of famine. Psalm 126:5 ” They who sow in tears shall reap in joy and singing” from the Amplified Bible



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