Obtainable Beauty

As I am always looking at mothers and their babies I saw a mother walking with her child in a push chair. The mother was walking in an awkward way, bent forward like a triangle. It really wasn’t a sight of beauty.

My thoughts went back to the many occasions in public schools where I as a health visitor taught the pupils in health matters. I would make this posture myself and bend forward walking towards them in this way, asking them how they thought it looked. I would do the same sitting at the desk with the back bent in a big curve. They didn’t like it and I wanted to motivate the four to six graders to do something to keep an upright position and that way to look more attractive.

  • I taught them to keep their cheek in to their body. That makes the neck stretched nicely.
  • To put their shoulders backward
  • and lastly to keep their stomach muscles a little towards the back not forgetting to breathe normally.
  • Walking and sitting like that makes you look so much more attractive.

Small things matters! And who would not like to look good?

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  1. I could suggest to do ” Nordic walking” as and adult. Young people think it’s ridiculous, but healthy for the joints and involves many muscles and gives this upright position described in my post above.


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