Improve Your Sleep


It cost me many years of insomnia to find a few essential tools to help getting a more sound sleep.
I love coffee and I still drink it with great pleasure in the mornings.
When my four children were small I had a time for myself after having put them to bed and the kitchen was cleaned up after the day. The time would be 9:30 PM.
How I enjoyed a big cup of coffee and wondered why I was wide awake hours after!

It took med ten years to realize that sacrificing this late cup of coffee would help me to sleep earlier. I am sure people addictive to Coca Cola and sodas like that would have the same experience.


I learnt another thing that help getting a sound sleepĀ and that is not to eat dinner too late. It can be hard to live up to as I love to go to fitness classes at dinner time.
A ready prepared dinner can solve the problem and having a weekly plan for dinners is really a brilliant idea.
lately I discovered that these pieces of advice didn’t help enough and I was again very awake late at night.
One evening I just read an interesting good old-fashioned book and got back the nice sleepy feeling that is so essential before sleeping.
From now on I will not spend the evening with my head in the computer screen or iPad. The light from the screen is disturbing the brain, when exposed to it before bedtime.

I am sure children also will get a healthier sleep, if they are taught to let their electronic devises be turned off in the evening. But it will take brave and consequent parents to make that happen.

Marie & baby Esther

Lack of sleep can lead to mental illness like depression or aggression or lack of concentration. It might also make you more vulnerable towards physical illnesses.


  1. Thank you Carrie LeBlanc! What is Monsters?
    I also drink a lot of herbal teas and sometimes make my own on bits of ginger in hot water. Every morning I squeeze half a lemon and mix with a big glass of water. Then I wake up! Put some of the inside of the peel on my face and rinse after some minutes.


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