The Builder of the West

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Unsung Heroes.”

As I was was looking for readers for my Danish posts on BabyCare I searched among the Tags on “Danish”. In that moment I went into a gold mine finding a blogger Paula Pederson, who wrote about her father who died when she was only one year old. This has brought us together in a kind of family fellowship. It shows up that her father Hans Pedersen born in1864 and died in1933. He came from very modest circumstances in Denmark fostered by his grand parents not far from where Hans Christian Andersen lived as a child.

He left Denmark as a nineteen year old teenager and by working hard learning skills little by little he managed to become the builder of Seattle having built big buildings, roads, railroads, bridges.

The great depression put an abrupt end to his life. He ought to be honoured here in Denmark as well as in the States.

I feel a bit acquainted as I had a relative in Seattle too at the same time. My fathers uncle Valdemar Holm who also immigrated from Denmark nineteen years old. He was not an entrepreneur, but made his living as a dairyman and volunteered for years as an usher in a church.

I would like to hear your story about your immigrated ancestors known or unknown.

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