Borrowed Pictures on Old Toys

I have a treasured friend who has a beautiful taste in interior design and who has lovely pieces of old toys arranged in her house. I am allowed to show you.




The little grocery shop from the 1930s

There are dollhouses, small shops and dolls, doll prams and things that match the time, which has passed long ago. A hundred years go it was the privileged children who were given precious pieces of toys. I am sure the mothers helped to keep it as the dolls were easily broken.

Have a look at her wonderland!







My friend’s grandfather is the one who made the beautiful Danish cot beds called Juno beds during the war, so no wonder that Dorthe Lohmann has inherited his taste for design.



Dolls and iron bed from a hundred years ago

All photos belong to Dorthe Lohmann


  1. Oh these are so lovely. My Gram had some amazing toys and trinkets when I was young. When we packed up her apartment I never did find out where they all went. Seeing these brought back some wonderful memories. Thank you so much for sharing. 😃

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