One Word Challenge : Integrity

Definition of the word Integrity from the Oxford advanced learner’s Dictionary of Current English:

 Quality of being honest and upright in character, a state or condition of being complete

Psalm 97:11 Amplified Bible:

 Light is sown for the uncompromisingly righteous and strewn along their pathway, and joy for the upright in heart, the irrepressibly joy which comes from consciousness of His favor and protection.


Luke 7:50

But Jesus said to the woman, Your faith has saved you; go, enter into peace  (in freedom from the distresses that are experienced as the result of sin).

Luke 8:48

And He said to her, Daughter your faith ( your confidence and trust in Me) has made you well! Go into peace( untroubled, undisturbed well-being).

What I want to illustrate here is that to me it seems impossible to change just by my will power. Verses like these keep me up so that I have something secure to anchor my faith to. I wouldn’t be able to reach this Integrity – and training on it without this faith.

Joy comes when I choose to believe that I have the joy and peace promised. It can be trained during a whole long life.

A big thank you to co blogger “Rebirth of Lisa” for featuring this event and its open for new participants.


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