Our old Radio House

The so-called Radio House / ( Radiohuset) was almost completed in 1941. The architect is Vilhelm Lauritzen and the style is very functional “Funkis Style”.

The concert hall was not completed until 1945. As far as I know the Danish authorities did not want the occupying Germans to misuse this new venue. The last 6 years we have a new concert hall in another part of Copenhagen.

It was such a joy to see this place again. I went to some of the classical concerts there in my youth in the sixties when my interested for that kind of music started due to my first love S.K. who studied piano at the Music Conservatory. When the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra moved out of the old hall the Music Conservatory got their permanent residence in these lovely surroundings.

We listened to a concert with the popular former orchestra from the radio called “The National Chamber Orchestra” their primary maestro is the Hungarian Adam Fisher and for the last 17 years he has led them to great heights. They have obtained a fine price from Vienna for recording the complete Mozart symphonies in an extraordinary way. Last autumn as they celebrated their 70 years jubilee they were cut from the budget of the State Radio.

I include a link to YouTube where this orchestra can be seen in the new Radio Concert Hall called the “DRkoncertsal”built by Jean Nouvel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy2osABdZbM

The building is called a “Meteor” and it is covered in the blue cube. One could say that the meteor had fallen down on top of the much cherished orchestra.


Foto Arkitektcom


The minister for culture didn’t think they were worth fighting for, but the public opinion took over and a storm rose. They are going to continue as far as I know on private conditions. Needless to say I am member to help a bit to their maintenance.

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