I am now a host

Again I am able to post something for this blogging event called “I made it Mondays”

The logo for the blogging event

The logo for the blogging event

I had to let my blog just manage on its own for two days as I struggled to set my self up in the Airbnb fellowship. Some of it was done on the computer and some on the iPad as details worked better on one than the other.

It was a job to take new photos and put them into my profile or page as it involved a lot of tidying up and cleaning.

The garden and the pavilion

The garden and the pavilion

I really wanted to do something while I wait to start my little private baby care business. I got inspired from three of my four adult children who occasionally are hosts at airbnb.

You install the app and then decide what rooms you want to hire out and when. The idea is that you are friendly and the guests are too and both parts are being evaluated. I love to meet foreigners so I am looking forward to the first booking. The business behind the app manages the payments and its up to your self when your spaces are available.

As you can see I hope to see babies too! I have about everything needed for them.

If any of you in my WordPress fellowship has experience in this airbnb area you are very welcome to comment in this post.

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