One Year’s Anniversary of Blogging

The other day I received a fine badge from Word Press for the occasion of my one year’s anniversary.

Word Press anniversary badge

Word Press anniversary badge

When I started one year ago I thought I was all alone and the first posts were made without tagging them. I didn’t know what tags were and of course nobody read my posts.

I got some professional help to make my blog nicer and I learnt little by little how to place in the pictures and lately I also resize them for a better visual impact.

The Word Press blogging courses have been great because you learn how to brush up your blog and become a better writer. You will find the new courses on this page to the right if you click on the link to blogging courses. They occur about every third month and you can attend over and over.

The best is the way the courses have helped the bloggers to connect via blogging events and the daily prompts available for us to help us if we run into the writer’s block.

When I started I just knew that I had much to share and so far I have never run out of ideas.

I thought I would write mostly about Health Care and Baby Care, but my interest for travelling, art, photography and historical issues have taken a huge space in my blog posts. I have even started a weekly blogging event and I am looking forward to share posts from some of my new blogging acquaintances.

I am overwhelmed over the wonderful contact I now have with some of you who follow me and who I follow. I really treasure you all and every blog is different from the other. I experience the fellowship very supporting and it fulfills some of my need for getting to know foreigners.



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