A doll’s Iron Bed & a Cane Pram 


The Doll’s pram at my house

I have shown you my friend’s beautiful samples of antique toys. This story is about two pieces of toys that want to stay together.

Last year this time I was allowed to buy the pram. Dorthe is a Facebook friend. I met her when I came to pick up the pram. We had a lot more to talk about than just our common love for old beautiful toys. This week I am going to collect the iron bed and the two things will be brought together again.

Both must be from the beginning of the 1900s.

The pram that my grandmother had for my mother is very similar. I don’t have any connection to the iron bed but I just find it very beautiful.

Once at the Victorian & Albert Museum in London I saw a poster that had the quote on it saying:

Keep it if it’s useful or beautiful !



Fletvogn i emalje

enamel sign from Germany

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