Smoothy & Enery Bar

I was invited to afternoon coffee yesterday at some very sweet elderly people’s home. I really enjoyed it, but I got far too much cake and as we only were four of us it was difficult for me to not eat what they had bought at a bakery shop. It took me at least 12 hours to it get out of my system. I was drinking cold water twice during the night and today I ran 14K before I again felt normal. The heavy amount of sugar and other refined ingredients made me feel dizzy and a bit confused. I don’t know what other people do when they are exposed to food they cannot manage, but I have to improve in just saying that it’s not good for me.

Today I made two healthy things which I really enjoy to make and to taste.

A Pineapple & Banana Smoothie

  • A third of a pineapple
  • A spoonful of chia seeds
  • A banana
  • Mineral water
  • Vanilla powder one tea-spoon all blended in a blender or food processor


 Pineapple and banana smoothie

and a new energy bars after I received the “black gold” powder ACAI which I was short of last time. It tastes a bit like chocolate and blueberries and looks like ground coffee. It has lots of vitamins and minerals like calcium and the good omega 3 and 9 fat acids and antioxidants. Through many years I am fighting a stiff feeling in my back joints and I hope to have my flexibility improved by using very good products for making food together with lots of exercise.

I know it’s very expensive this Acai powder as it comes from Brazil and has to be freeze-dried to keep its content of nutrients. But it’s very concentrated and you just use a little at a time.

The recipe goes like this and much can be altered after taste and what you have in your house:

  • Two handful’s of almonds
  • Two spoonful’s of linseed ( I didn’t have that today and put sesame seeds instead)
  • Two spoonful’s of hempseed
  • Two spoonful’s of chia seed
  • One to two spoonful’s of good quality cocoa
  • Two spoonful’s of coconut oil ( take it of the fridge some hours before use as it is very solid when cold)
  • Three dates
  • Three apricots ( today’s version were with figs)
  • Two spoonful’s of freeze-dried organic Acai powder ( from I think they are going to sell it abroad. All spoons are tablespoons

 Home made energy bars with Acai powder

I put all ingredients in a food processor and this time I used a baking form to store it in the fridge in a long roll. After an hour I could cut it and then I froze it again for use little by little.

I take it when I feel like having a piece of cake of before or after running.


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