My New Release

“I am now 64 and have another four-month of that exact age”.

I know that Maddy, who took initiative to this blogging event, meant that younger persons imagine what they are doing at 64, but I sneaked in with this post as I am more creative now than for many years. Thank you Maddy

I would like to get some imput on how to get started on my small business on private health and baby care.

My dream is to offer visits in private homes to mothers primarily who would like to get a bit more in-depth conversations on the subjects about being a mother and all the practical and emotional things on their new babies.

in England this summer listening to a young mother

in England this summer listening to a young mother

I had this kind of job for many years so the new thing will be to do it privately.

Our communal society still offer the same for free but the health visitors get more and more restricted on their main competence which is these visits.

Many leading administrators think it demands far too much extravagance to spend money on the travel expenses that has to do with visits spread about in the countryside.

The parents are then offered to come to a place to be taught on subjects. That’s all very good, but you lose the sight of how they manage in their homes certainly not to control anybody but to support them.

I am planning to make some attractive cards with a picture and information on my service. These are to be placed at public places as our library and some of our physicians in town. ( My daughter has promised to help me with the cards!)

This post is inspired from Maddy who made a blogging Event called ” When I’m Sixty Four “.  I remember so well the Beatles song when it was released and I was a bit puzzled about it then.

Would it really be like that to become that age – like someone who is almost utterly helpless?

Today I feel the opposite. I am more free now than when I was young and still able to take many new initiatives. I love to write blog posts on my English page and on my newer Danish one which is on children and health.

I run more and faster because of lots of training and during my running I get ideas for blogging. So it’s not that bad to come into that age. At last some flowers from my garden. Photography has also become a passion for me.


  1. I like both your blogs today and feel they are related. In the US we moved around so much, children away from their parents that we don’t keep many old possessions from childhood. Unfortunately we are a wasteful, “throwaway society.”

    So young mothers are often far from their parents . I’m sure they will appreciate the counsel of an older mother.

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    • You are so encouraging Paula. Today I have heard that a Lithuanian mother from a neighbor town needs me. So that’s a start though I will not charge anything for some visits


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