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English rose from my garden

I have searched for some similarity to my blogging in the blogs I follow and here comes a recommendation of just some of them. I follow so many that I can’t manage to get emails from most of them. Instead, I go through the lists now and then or read as much as I can at the blogroll to get inspired and to comment on the posts.

  • An example of a Christian spiritual blog is Heaven’s Embassy

Clyde Pilkington writes about family matters teaching from the bible. He has written books on the subjects that can be bought through links on his blog called “Heaven’s Embassy” which is meant to be the family. We can also get bible studies via emails. His next book is called “Wife Loving”.

  • ReDiscover at 40, Finding your life’s purpose. Sharon behind this blog has done the good writing 101 courses together with me and through the tasks, we found each other. She is offering personal advice to reaching out to those who read her posts and what she writes has a Christian viewpoint.

Greg’s blog on art and travel and life and writing & creating art with a lot of good sense of humour.

  • It’s called GREOLE by Gregory Long. We share the same faith too!

How about getting help to organize your home or life? I need to increase my abilities in that area. Carrie is a professional organizer and has a blog called ClarityCo on this important subject. As a former Health visitor, I always enjoyed visiting families whose homes were clean and in order. Somehow it was so much easier to concentrate on the subjects we talked about. (I did my best to be just as engaged in other kinds of homes though. I just admit that order made an impact on me and is less stressing.

I follow bloggers who are sharing their lives honestly. By that I mean I learn from people who have gone through tragedies and still want to live and be a resource for other people. Such one is Debbie Sue (Sarah). She loves nature and life in a National Park in the United States of America. She lost her only son some years ago and is struggling with her health.

  • Debbie Sue has wonderful illustrated pictures and quotes among many other themes in her blog called Sarah’s Attic of treasures.
  • Cathylynn Brooks “Let me tell you Justine’s story” is a blog about the loss of a daughter, but also on many other things as “Monday Motivations” and quotes.
  • Some of my Fellow bloggers are real writers who have published books or who are working on publishing. I am so impressed that some take that huge step and just do it.
  • Delia Writes’ blog you can read about her colourful children’s book called “Delia’s perfectly Pink Earmuffs”. Becoming a mother Delia dig up her love for children’s’ Picture books.
  • That leads me to Paula Pederson’s blog on her immigrant parents and at a sheer luck, I found her last year as I was writing about a distant uncle who emigrated from Denmark to the States more than a hundred years ago. My father’s uncle Valdemar never got married in Seattle, but had a good life there and never came back to Denmark more than once for visiting family. Hans Pederson is the father of Paula who had an incredible talent for building and got his nickname “King Hans of Seattle”. Paula is writing a book about his extraordinary life and we are looking forward to reading it.
  • Lifelessons by Judy  Dykstra-Brown is a very gifted writer and poet and incredibly active in her many blogging events and interests. Judy was one of the first bloggers to encourage my writing when I started in 2014.
  • PowerPlantMen by Kevin was also one of the first ones to follow me and I was only just beginning to write. He writes incredibly funny stories from a long working life at the power plants in Oklahoma and in the stories, there are side stories that keep his nearly 3000 readers breathless. At first, I thought that couldn’t understand his stories well enough, being a foreigner, but when I read on, the stories and the characteristics of people come out clearly from the many well-written words.
  • Yulia with the blog TinyExpats is a very social blogger who includes others in her blogging and social platforms as Facebook and Instagram. She writes about how she manages to live with small children in different countries as an expat. She came to England from the Ukraine as a very young person, met her husband who is from Moscow and they have lived in many countries where his job leads them.
  • Carol has a very creative blog that started not long ago at our common writing 101 courses from WordPress. Her blog is called Writeful Mind where Carol is doing a lot of writing. Her skills go out on other social platforms as well and she also helps abused mothers and offers to make websites too.

I think I will return another time and make new lists of the some of the blogs I follow because they are really worth reading and following.

The gate to Beatrix Potter's garden


  1. Maria, thank you so very much for including my blog in your favorite blog list. I am humbled and grateful for your wonderful words. I haven’t written for quite some time for I’ll be traveling overseas and I have a ton of things to do but I will post again one of these days. Take care.

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