New Hope


Last week we were asked at the writing course 101 to let us be inspired by social media. This fellow blogger “BeatyBeyondBones” was so kind to like a new post I published the other day and when I saw this awesome image on her page I just knew it would inspire me to make some changes.

I guess this blogger is making a strategy to win the battle of anorexia. I think that the powerful words can be understood in many directions. I will take them in to my heart daring to get rid of things I have stores up for years and years.

Something is holding me back to tidy up in cupboards and shelves. Why am I afraid of reducing my stuff?

The things are piles of toys from my children, books that are never read, clothes that are not worn any more. The things link back to memories with my family and a very past time.


Once I found another great sentence at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London :

Keep the things that are beautiful or useful ! 


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