Aiming at new goals

How I like to be inspired by fellow bloggers. A quote art picture says a lot in a small space like the blogger wisewoodpidgeon.

To stumble upon an inspiring blog is like finding a treasure that I will be keen on keeping.

Her picture helps me to remember that the small steps take me in the desired direction.



On the same day soon two years ago I decided to leave my job as a health visitor I wrote down a draft on what I wanted to do on a private basis reaching out to help new mothers on caring for their babies. Since then I have taken steps in that direction writing on the subject in Danish in a blog and connecting it with a Facebook page.

I am reaching out to young mothers and it’s like I am getting in contact with new families one by one.

A New-Born Baby

A New-Born Baby

At the same time I will continue to work on “Boundaries” as a continuation on last year’s “Integrity” having bought two books on the subject. My fellow blogger CynthiaBaileyRud has inspired me to get the books by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend with the same title.


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