A Fresh Look at Some Older Posts

The last two months I have been busy occupied restoring older posts. By accident I had deleted a lot of photos and it has taken me that long to find the photos again. Trying to improve the posts have helped me not to regret too much what had happened to nearly 200 posts.

During this time I have had the luck to find a fellow blogger with the blog name Haddon Musings who has a Wednesday event where we are all free to share our posts. During my “restoration period” I have been able to launch some of them at Bernadette’s Senior Salon.

To update you I would like to show you some of the renewed posts


Ellis Island and Chasing Ancestors

Looking for Art Nouveau while Travelling

To Be Twins


The Last Rose of Summer

John Keats and Hampstead

Vermeer and Delft



An emigrant from the former Soviet Union



A Flashback on Bonding to Babies

Bonding to New-Born Babies



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