If we were having coffee I would tell you that I once again take part in a basic blogging  course once more using a prompt Apology

I want to apologize for…..

  • I drove away to a gym lesson while you my oldest boy, seven years old, ran along the pavement crying. You didn’t want to be left with your father and younger siblings. I could not sacrifice that chance for exercise.
  • I didn’t know that you my daughter five years old had lost your way in the woods around our home in Sweden. You called “Mother” and I didn’t hear you. You screamed “Jesus” and somehow you luckily found your way back !
  • I sent you my second eldest son, eleven years old, on a train to Norway to be on holiday with a kind person who had invited you. It was at a time years before mobile phones were available for a family like ours. The tour ended up successfully.
  • I worked long hours and you, all four children were on your own for too many hours.

Outside our house in Sweden


  1. I’m sure that we could all spend months, if not years, trying to re-write (or “re-right”) the wrongs (or at least “less-than-bests” that we did (thought we did or were perceived to have done)… it’s often really a bad case of mental gymnastics. Once again, great transparency Maria!

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