Developing Patience

Yesterday I found Romy’s blog post on how patiently her father he had taken care of his mother for a long time until her recent death. She had preferred her other children to him but he was the one who helped her to the last breath.


The easiest thing would be to turn your back on her and let others take over. Many families split up for less than this. Read Romy’s post to see how the story ends.

During the last few years I have discovered that my filter has become thinner and less tolerant to things I dislike. I often drive across our country to help taking care of my grandchildren. I sometimes stay at a small hotel in Copenhagen on these trips just for one of the days. It’s quiet you can get free and good coffee day and night, it’s close to the airport and metro and have free parking places. The breakfast room is small with a big television screen on the wall that the guests uses. The worst mainstream media channel is on if you turn it on. Now the sport for me is to arrive early for breakfast and then to hide the remote control! But often some couple has managed to be there before me so it’s already on in full volume. Once I asked if the sound could be turned down a bit and another time if it was urgent to have it on. Needless to say I only succeed to make them mad.

Yesterday I had just read the article from the blog in my room and came down for breakfast and it was on full power. I chose to just ignore it and felt victorious.


Some pictures from the area where my daughter’s family lives


White houses on my way to my grandchild’s kindergarten



A small palace Soellerod that I pass by when I am out running


A small palace Soellerod


  1. I mostly find TV annoying unless I am knitting. Not only TV, but cell phones. I call it noise pollution. Today we have lost our right to silence and privacy. My kids want me to get a smart phone. I do have a cell phone that I only use when out, but I won’t get a smart phone. I don’t want to be on call and bombarded all day. Of course, I am mostly at home and can find things on my computer. That is enough!

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