Elderberry Flower & Lemonade 


A new app called “Vild Mad” is made by a Noma chef helping children to be able to collect things to be used for eating as spices or more integrated in dishes. Adults could learn a lot too. I know a bit and collect wild berries when I can find them or as for this post I would like to show you an easy way to make lemonade with elderberry flowers.


Elderberry tree in my garden


Elderberry flowers and organic lemon in hot water, sugar and citric acid


The finished product ready to be stored


The concentrated elderberry & lemonade

It’s the last call this year for making this cold drink as the white elderberry flowers that soon turn into purple berries that can be used in the fall.

We have them in our garden and spread out along in my neighbourhood. You only want to collect eatable flowers, berries and herbs from areas without too many cars.

I found a recipe easy to make at the blog “Valdemarsro”.

Here is a recipe in English. I use sugar and not honey. (The white on the bottles is a bit of the preservative I used to rinse the glass bottles).


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