Modern Art in San Francisco, SFMOMA


We love to visit museums so this on modern art was no exception. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to find the right address. Maybe that is just us? In case you look for it the map is here, The area is Mission Street and Market Street and the surrounding buildings are so big that it’s easy to lose focus on where you are.

Close to Mission Street

Contrasts at Mission Street taken from Yerba Buena Gardens

View at Mission Street

Contrasts at Mission Street taken from Yerba Buena Gardens 

On our way to the museum

We went to the wrong place first, a place called Yerba Buena Gardens 






Often I find modern art offensive or destructive so I only look at what speaks to me in colours or form. We were glad to be allowed to take photos. In London or other cities in Europe, we are not allowed to take photos at special exhibitions.




These group of people at traffic posts are standing outside of the museum, seen from the coffee shop. They don’t look at each other. I didn’t find the name of the artist.


Sam Francis 1980

1980 Sam Francis 1923-1994

Sam Francis 1978

1978 Sam Francis 1923-1994





Once you have seen Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) you know it’s him





Andy Warhol, the next two are unknown to me unfortunately






Henri Matisse (1869-1954) is one of my favourite painters because of his choice of colours


Buildings we saw after  the visit to SFMOMA






  1. That is quite a contrast of architecture.
    The plants in the picture, red and greenish/yellow coleus are annuals, but so easy to start. You could have taken a part of your trip home by just clipping a stem off and putting it in a soil filled, moistened pot.

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  2. I agree, Maria. I find a lot of modern art very difficult. But that contrasting shot at the beginning of the Mission church being overshadowed by the huge commercial building – a parable for our times.

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