Ordrupgaard, a Danish Art Museum

Outside of Copenhagen, we have an excellent art museum called Ordrupgaard. It was initially a private home for an art collector and now a private art collection. The art is French Impressionism and Danish Golden Age art. The museum is undergoing reconstruction, and the art is out on travels to other museums. The French paintings are travelling abroad, and the Danish art came to our neighbourhood, a town called Holstebro.  The name of the exhibition is called “100 Years of Ordrupgaard.” 

Here a link to Wilhelm Hansen, the founder of the collection.



I would like to show you some examples of the art.

Ordrupgaard Theodor Philipsen 1908

Theodor Philipsen 1908

Ordrupgaard Theodor Philipsen 1913

Theodor Philipsen 1913

Ordrupgaard Theodor Philipsen1868, 1928- 1889

Theodor Philipsen, (1840-1920) painted 1889

Theodor Philipsen is regarded as a Danish impressionist.

Ordrupgaard Peter Hansen

Peter Hansen about 1900

Ordrupgaard Peter Hansen 1902

Peter Hansen 1902

Ordrupgaard Peter Hansen 1881

Peter Hansen 1881

In his time Peter Hansen’s art was considered ugly as his children were painted in a realistic way. He lived from 1868-1928.


A French artist Armand Guellaumin, 1841-1927 was among the Danish paintings

Ordrupgaard Armand Guillaumin Rougen 1904

Armand Guillaumin 1841-1927

Ordrupgaard, Armand Guillaumin 1890

Armand Guillaumin 1841-1927

Ordrupgaard Armand Guillaumin 1882

Armand Guillaumin 1841-1927


Ordrupgaard Johannes Larsen 1932

Johannes Larsen 1932

Ordrupgaard Johannes Larsen 1912

Johannes Larsen 1912

Ordrupgaard Johannes Larsen 1891

Johannes Larsen 1891, Pelicans at Zoo

Johannes Larsen 1867-1961, has his own museum in his former home in Funen. He painted birds and nature.

Wilhelm Hammershøj’s painting of the doors was put in a box of glass, so I had to use a photo from the museum. Wilhelm Hammershøj, 1864-1916.


Wilhelm-Hammershøi.-Hvide-døre.-1899-400×258 from the museum Ordrupgaard’s homepage


  1. It’s interesting to see how Impressionism travelled away from France, and how it was adapted to take on a local style. I studied the history of art at university and I have to say I’ve never heard of any of these artists before!

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      • I’ve just looked up Guillaumin on Wikipedia. Apparently he exhibited at 6 of the 8 Impressionist shows in the 1870s and 1880s – he didn’t cross my radar though, and that was the main period I studied! My tutor curated an Impressionist exhibition at the Royal Academy in London whilst I was at uni, and I expect I somehow missed something, as I doubt that my tutor would have left any painter out – assuming he could get permission to show their work. Mea culpa!


      • The museum’s French collection is on a tour abroad and I was surprised this artist was with the Danish painters. Maybe he is not as popular as the well known. But I liked him

        Liked by 1 person

      • I can see why you did. A pity you couldn’t see the rest of the French art – maybe there will be a chance when it returns from its travels.


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