There is a Danish song from our so-called song treasure called “You Danish Summer.”

I know the title isn’t correct English but the “You” is there as the poet talks to our summer. It continues with:

“I love you though you have so often deceived me”

Two weeks ago we went to LEGO land with two of our grandchildren it was one of those days. After some warm and sunny days, the wind suddenly blew hard, the sun disappeared, and the temperature fell rapidly. Most people in the park wore too little clothes. Some Norwegian tourists wore woollen hats as they are accustomed cold weather. Fortunately, our grandchildren didn’t think about the weather at all.

LEGO Land is situated in the small town of Billund. It then has grown due to the success of the LEGO factory that started in that town. In the 1960s an airport and later the LEGO land Park became a reality. I found an article about the origin of the famous toy invented by a man who never gave up even when he faced many tragedies.

In my early childhood, my twin brother and I inherited a box of LEGO bricks for house building. I wasn’t very impressed by it then as we could only build parts of the walls fit in some windows and a door but never finish it with high enough walls and a roof.

My boys had a lot of LEGO and built following the instructions and a lot too from their fantasy. I have it all stored away waiting for the grandchildren to play with it.


What struck me in the Amusement Park was the genuine kind young people working there. My oldest granddaughter of eight took a “LEGO driving licence”, and among a group of children, she and another girl were the only Danes. Before start, she was at the point of giving up because she couldn’t find a Danish flag to be placed on the car. From a distance, we saw her crying, but in time, she got the needed help from the young instructor. The flag in LEGO bricks was found, and everything worked out.

I managed to slip away to the area in the park with the mini towns and sights. Some of it was created from the start of the park’s history. When I visited the park with my children, I was impressed at the resemblance of the real towns and sights that were modelled entirely in LEGO bricks, and I wanted to see it again. The plants and trees in the mini-cities and displays are the right sizes, and gardeners cut them with a pair of small scissors.

My children looking at Skagen in Legoland 1988

My children looking at “Skagen” in Legoland 1988


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The sunken church


I had an unusual experience this day with our grandchildren. I met the Indian Chief that my children had loved to talk to in 1988 and 1989. He had worked there since 1984. Unfortunately, our two granddaughters were not interested in getting near this “dangerous” Indian though their mother had been so confident 32 years ago.

Now, as thirty years ago, “digging gold” was a great hit. My daughter talks with the Indian Chief about her gold medal.

My daughter shows the Legoland Indian Chief her hard-earned gold coin

1988, My daughter shows the Legoland Indian Chief her hard-earned gold coin


Here from the year after in 1989

A “Sheriff” arrested one of my boys and locked him up. My then four years old daughter protested:

You can’t do that! He is one of ours’

The LEGO Arrest House does, not exist any longer. The two youngest got each a soldier’s hat from the Union Army. The series North and South ran on our TV at the time. All my children were fascinated by the bravery of the main characters and the horrors of the war.

My youngest and I at the Legoland safari cars in 1988

My youngest and I at the Legoland safari cars in 1989

At the time, I was a single mother with the four children. Without Henry’s help, I would never have been able to visit Legoland. He took us there and paid for everything. Three years later, we got married.

As a child, Henry, my husband, had dreamt about having a sheriff in his family. Little did he know that he did have one in Montana. This year we are going once again to the United States to search for his distant ancestors who immigrated. This time will be in Seattle and Oregon.

The US Capitol Hill and Congress in LEGO

The US Capitol Hill and Congress in LEGO land 2019

Salute to our great friends and followers in the United States

Our granddaughter celebrated the Fourth of July

Our granddaughter celebrated the Fourth of July at our place after her visit to Legoland

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  1. I had no idea that you had a Legoland over there – how wonderful! I’m so glad your grandchildren had fun. The towns look so realistic for plastic blocks, don’t they? You look pretty good as a train engineer too!

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  2. My son loved LEGOs as a child. Even now at nearly 40 I still buy him a kit every so often if it’s something I know he enjoys. He did see the movie as well. You are a lovely family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t that sweet? I am looking forward to having my grandsons old enough to use the many castles and ships, pirate islands and sheriff buildings and a lot more. My granddaughters do other things

      Liked by 1 person

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