Visiting a Peninsula Helnaes, Denmark

A Light House, a stone setting, sea and a wheat field

To back up our great classical artists and get a wonderful experience yourself, I suggest getting tickets and getting away and for a moment forget about our uncertainties. 

 As an Airbnb host, I get a token every six months to book somewhere at another Airbnb host’s place. There was nothing available close to the place where the concert was held. I looked at the map and found a place somewhere on the isle of Funen I had never been to. It was an peninsula connected to Funen with a narrow embankment. Here is a link to a folder about the nature at the peninsula.

We spent the day after the concert at the peninsula, where the host met us with great hospitality. He was a former teacher at a folk high school. We have a great tradition for these kinds of schools where people of all ages can attend courses in all subjects. The main theme is our Danish history and culture, and singing together characterises these schools. This host asked his guests to sit together at the breakfast table and talk to each other. At first, it was a bit awkward, but suddenly, my husband broke the ice and asked a lady about her accent. She was from Island and had lived in Norway and never learnt Danish or Norwegian properly. She talked a lot despite this handicap, and we got many interesting details about life on Island. 

Her husband’s life had had a dramatic turnaround from having been on several Folk High Schools in his youth. He used to be drinking and fighting, so in the start, he was asked to attend to the morning singing only, and from that step, he gradually exceeded into getting his life back.

We met this couple more than once during the hours at the island, and this new acquaintance gave us a lot of new life by visiting a new location.  

The area had no decaying buildings as the inhabitants are all hard-working people. All properties are used for something.

They have the darkest nights due to no electric streets lamps, and you can study stars at night. The inhabitants are fighting for that possibility to continue as a bigger city plan to put up many big windmills in their view across the sea. Hopefully, their voices will be heard. 


Leaving the island of Helnaes, we found a WWII Memorial for an allied aircraft fallen in the sea near by.

Of ten airmen, two were taken captive by the Germans, two were never found, and six are buried in different graveyards in Funen. Next time in that area, we will visit their graves.


  1. You are right, each building is very well kept and the grounds tended to – outstanding!! As always, I appreciate how the WWII troops have been and continue to be honored!

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