Scenery from a Picturesque Costal Town in Denmark

Each summer, we have lots of classical chamber music festivals, and one of them takes place each August in Kerteminde on the island of Funen. The renowned ensemble Trio Con Brio is in charge of it, and with the excellent musicians and other artists take part in the four-day-long event.   Due to restrictions, not many could participate, and we stood on a waiting list. We got the news that more tickets were available. The great soccer event in June had to do with it. More and more people find it ridiculous that you can be thousands at the EU Cup but few people at classical concerts.   
I will never forget the afternoon program where a famous Danish Royal actor cited “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry in between pieces of music that perfectly expressed the content and mood of a certain chapter of the book.


Between the two concerts that day, we walked along the beach and harbour and had dinner in a beautifully restored hotel building. The area is known for the painter Johannes Larsen who mostly painted birds and nature.  


  1. Maria, I am loving your photos. But I’m afraid I never heard of the ‘Girl from Kerteminde’ statue. Can you give me a description of who or what she represents?


    • Thank you so much for asking and for your compliment on my photos. The girl is called Amanda from Kerteminde and symbolises the beautiful young daughters of Kerteminde. The true story behind the statue is a bit sad as she travelled to Copenhagen to become an actress but had tragedies and died young

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