Nostalgic, modern Toys

I dedicate a post to one kind of modern toy from Maileg. The woman who invented it lives in my home town, and I have become a collector. The style reminds me of my childhood in the fifties. At the time, we did not have everything in matching colours like what she created. Still, the combination of colour and shape appeals to me and the universe of harmony and reminds me of my post-WWII childhood. All the photos were taken at the fair mentioned in my last post.

The Dollhouse

For the youngest children

I have seen the brand in Sweden and in the USA too. It makes me proud that this woman has managed to export her toys. I recently met her, and she is preparing to retire because of her long working hours for the last twenty years.

My two youngest grandchildren love to play with my dollhouse. Especially things that they recognise from their homes like the refrigerator and the washing machine and an older grandchild of seven years old likes to play hospital with sick rabbits needing care.

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  1. Maria, they are beautiful. But, are they as expensive in Denmark as they are in Australia. Just the dolls house with nothing inside would cost me all of my pension for one week. And one of the mice would cost me as much as I pay to fill my car with petrol. They are beautiful and fascinating, but unfortunately I will never be able to buy any for my grandchildren.


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