Our New Hospital, Soon One Year Old

Earlier on, I have shown you pictures from a new super hospital close to where I live. It has been on its way for nearly twenty years and was inaugurated last spring. Another post on the theme is Other Thoughts on Hospitals.

Photos from the inside of Gødstrup Hospital in Denmark

The foyer’s interior is decorated with various soft colours in ceramics and paint. Red Cross volunteers stand ready to show you the way if you get lost. Otherwise, the numbers are very clearly marked on the wards and ambulatories.

In the middle of the long foyer, you will find a café, a Seven-Eleven and an area with complimentary tea and coffee.

I once went to a routine check at one of the ambulatories, and everything went south without delay.

I have a friend who is a nurse in the intensive care unit at the new Gødstrup Hospital. According to her, the art and beautiful views for the patients and their relatives had higher priority than the staff getting their essential equipment.

A lamp by Olufur Eliasson

I admit to having an ambivalent relationship with hospitals. I want to believe that the staff will do their best to save lives and care for people

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  1. I can see the value in the colours and the paintings and artwork, but you referred to the staff feeling that they are not prioritised. That seems to be a problem in many hospitals. I have been attending a hospital in Melbourne for radiology treatment. The building is very old and lacks the brightness that you have shown here, but the staff are all happy and make me feel important. So there must be a balance.

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