A Summer Evening in Copenhagen

I reach out and take part in this blogging Event called “Wheresmybackpack“? I like to travel and to find motives worth remembering. This weekend I was in Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark. We have a lot of old and new buildings to be “put in order and kept” in a blog post.


Kastellet is an old military citadel still in use by our military. It is situated very close to the famous “Little Mermaid” at the harbour of Copenhagen.

I will show you some pictures of that Sunday evening in Copenhagen. The area around the harbour called Kastellet or The Citadel and the Gefion Fountain.




Detail from the Gefion Fountain





    • I think this area is my favourite place in Copenhagen as it was so close to where my grandmother lived and my parents liked to come there when they were young as well as I did also


    • Thank you so much Amanda for commenting on this post. I am glad to hear that you are going to see Copenhagen. I think there are guided walks available. But this area shown on my post are easy to explore on your own


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