Review Of The Year 2016

Dear friends!                                                                                                                  December 2016

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year has gone by so very quickly. In May Oliver our fourth grandchild arrived. He is a healthy and confident baby and I had a chance to see him in the beginning of August. He and his family live in Uppsala Sweden so we don’t see each other very often. His sister was two and a half years old and she called me “Gogo” which is the South African way of saying grandmother.

The Elkjaer family in Uppsala.  

Our other grandchildren in the Copenhagen area

In March we went to London to see a certain Vermeer painting at Buckingham Palace. The Queen has an enormous selection of paintings at her residences. When we arrived with our pre-booked tickets we were told that the exhibition had moved to Edinburgh! We decided on the spot to let Edinburgh be the destination of our summer holiday. Everything was within walking distance in the old part of the City and we enjoyed it very much though the weather could have shown us a brighter sky and warmer degrees.

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The ceiling at Buckingham Palace,The Queen’s Palace in Edinburgh, The Highlight of the exhibition Vermeer, picnic at the Hill where the poets liked to come, Robert Fergusson walks by, Henry at Conan Doyle’s House and the statue of Sherlock Holmes


In June we had a very special guest from Oregon U.S.A. Leah Jorgensen is Henry’s third cousin. Their great grandfathers were brothers and one of them immigrated to Iowa more than a hundred years ago. They later went to Montana and Oregon. Leah and Henry had found each other at “My Heritage” Leah had been wondering about her Danish roots and nobody knew anything. Now when she came we showed her the quay where they had left Denmark in the harbor of Copenhagen and the birth places of her ancestors. We had so much to talk about and Henry and Leah had a lot of characteristics in common. Her father Kurt was very much like Henry too. It was a very emotional experience.

Leah at our house, Leah’s Sheriff grandfather, Leah and Maria at Gefion, Leah at Larsen’s Square where the emigrants left Denmark.

I have spent a lot of effort and time looking for brochures of old Danish prams or baby carriages at our Royal Library archives. We used to have a lot of Danish firms competing on making the best products. That makes it nearly impossible to see what make they are as they copied each other’s’ models. Before the WWII the models were German inspired and during and after the WWII they were of course British inspired and had British or American names. Henry says that I earned a PhD in prams.

Old prams and my favorite place in Copenhagen 

In the autumn we went to Germany as I had a Half Marathon in Dresden. Dresden and Leipzig have so much of cultural sights that we spent days walking in the streets and seeing art museums and churches. We ended our journey in Berlin and stayed in an area with a lot of Stolpersteine. A very touching thing to suddenly see these golden stones showing names and dates of people, whole families who had perished in the Holocaust.

Pictures from Dresden in Germany

We are now in a prophetic year of 5777 in the Jewish calendar. The year of Jubilee that only happens once every 50th year. Five is Glory and seven is the word for sword and bread. So great things will be happening very quickly and has already happened. I feel an urgency that our countries will rise up as Sheep Nations and not Goat nations. A sheep nation is one that treat Jews and other people well.

I have heard a lot of teaching from Lance Wallnau, a Jewish Christian theologian and businessman who for years has taught on “The 7 Mountains of influence” and he says that the Christians have to rise up and take their positions in these mountains of influence. Family, Church, Education, Media, Government, Business and entertainment.

For too long the Christians have let go of all these areas. I think he is so right.


Our favorite wood for many Sunday walks

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