Let Social media inspire you September 2016


Exercising and training is not always that funny. But to have a goal helps me to be steadfast in training 5-6 times a week. Tomorrow I will attend my second Half Marathon this year and I am looking forward because I know I am ready by having run five times a week in different speed and distances. The next one I will run in historical Dresden in Germany in October.

After many years a new highway through the scenery town of Silkeborg is to be opened for cars on Sunday after the different races are finished. Politicians have fought on where the road should go. It will be a great relief to be able to drive through that town so much quicker. After it has opened and we get used to the convenience we will ask :

Where was the road before this?


I struggle to embed Tweets in my posts. Sometimes like here I succeed and at other times the picture only comes later when the link is activated. Β I follow the WordPress instructions and still the result differs!


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