Weekend Coffee Share on Encouragements

If we were having coffee


I would tell you that I am thinking about the cultural differences in Denmark my small country. I have a few posts on this subject if you would like to see them. I am lucky to have live in different places countries and that’s when you see the differences more clearly.

I follow a plan for running using the app Endomondo to tell me the distances and speed I am supposed to follow, always trying to keep my pace at 10 km  races and Half Marathons. I live in a province in Jutland and I am originally from Copenhagen. When I run at home as I did today I try to greet other runners or people walking their dogs. It is difficult to get as much response as a raised eye brow. I smile and say hello and a few times the gesture is returned.

I find it so strange to pass people like if they were trunks of wood.

When I visit my daughter outside of Copenhagen every runner greets me even sometimes with a small pep-talk. That is quite overwhelming. Last weekend I ran along the harbor of Copenhagen and along that distance it was like home! Very difficult to get anyone to return my greetings.

As I knew it would be tough today having to run 15 km I asked my husband to send me “clapping hands” via the app. He did it so thoroughly that he sent me pep-talk and clapping hands every other kilometer. The voice read the messages aloud in broken Danish. I was encouraged but next time I need it I will ask him to change his keyboard from Danish to English to hear her read the words in proper English. If something happens out on the road he will be able to track me by looking at the app!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that in August I was very encouraged on a trip to Sweden. My eldest son and his family live there and I was on my way to see my youngest grandchild for the first time. Suddenly a young steward said following to me:

I like the color of your dress very much!

He was Swedish and normally Swedes are very shy and hardly ever contact people they don’t know. I was very surprised and thanked him knowing that I would never forget these words as I felt they came spontaneously from his heart.

If we were having coffee I would like to hear what makes your day in regard to encouragements?

Thank you to Diana who faithfully has this #WeekendCoffeeShare event

Maybe you would like to know why I train so hard on running? I started when I was in my fifties. Since 2005 I have participated in 4 Half Marathons a year and a lot of 10 km’s races in between. I train to have a good experience and to prevent injuries. The side effects are that I get so many ideas running. This post came from today’s exercise. After the long runs I enjoy food and drink so much more that normally. The taste is so more distinct and the hunger is felt also in the muscles all over.


  1. You are amazing! You have my “clapping hands” !! I know what you mean about greeting others. I live in NC and we southerners are supposed to be the friendliest people on earth. But I don’t always find that so. I walk my 2 big dogs almost everyday and I also am eager to say “good morning”, “hi there”, or “Isn’t it a beautiful day!” But many times i get the diverted eyes and a quick “walk-on-by” from them. But…I won’t stop being friendly because other people are not. From now on, I will just think to myself, “That’s Maria, I am passing as she is running her 15 KM!! and I’ll give you a hello and some clapping hands! 🙂

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    • Oh you just encouraged me saying this. I will think of you if I meet a kind person with a dog. When I lived in Sweden people were often as stiff as pieces of wood when I passed then on a snowy path. Once you manage to become their friend they will be faithful for ever


  2. Hi Maria,
    Congratulations on all that running. That’s fabulous. I started talking a 6 week adult ballet class and felt amazing the next morning and felt myself walking so much taller. I am hoping they run it again next term as I’ve really caught the bug!!
    I was curious when you mentioned that you’re sense of taste was so much better after your runs? Do you have any idea why?
    By he way, if you want a friendly place to walk you can join me at dog beach. I’ve become friends with a group of walkers and they get together to celebrate birthdays etc. The rest of them are retired but it’s fun. There’s a lady who makes home made treats for the dogs and the dogs wear party hats. They have a bit of champagne too. This coffee share includes photos of the dog party: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2016/08/14/weekend-coffee-share-august-14-2016/
    Hope you have a great week and find a few more friendly joggers.
    xx Rowena


    • Rowena I think after the long runs 15+ the body has used up not only energy but minerals and what I eat and drink just tastes so good and distinct. The hunger doesn’t come directly but after some hours. Now I am thinking about the 21 km runs


  3. For a long time after we moved across country I thought the locals were asking after my health whenever they greeted me with ‘Alright?’ In fact, it was just another way of saying ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’ in passing! Quite a few must have regretted greeting me as I would answer them quite literally 😄

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    • What a funny way of greeting. I would never have guessed the meaning. When you come from another area your senses are so open for all the new impressions. The local dialect here where I live is very un distinct and difficult to understand in the beginning when I came here 20 years ago

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