Fruitful Relationships

For many years I followed Ulf Ekman a Swedish pastor and writer who started the faith movement in Sweden in the mid 1980s. In 1990 I left my job and took my four children to Sweden and attended his bible school “Word of Life” for two years.

After five years in Sweden I had to return home to Denmark. My time in Sweden has left a permanent imprint on me in regard to having faith for things even the impossible.

A few years ago Ulf Ekman, the founder of the bible school, changed his beliefs and got still more interested in the Catholic faith. He has left the church that he started in 1983. I don’t want to say anything negative about that but I was sad about it and I found it difficult to grasp. He had written loads of books on faith and all other theological issues and the books had been spread to the mission fields even such places where it’s very dangerous to become a Christian. What would they think?

Coming back to Denmark  in 1995 I never found a church like the Swedish one that I liked. Thankfully I have Christian friends though.

In the spring 2016 I found a preacher, teacher, rabbi, and writer at the internet that I really like to follow and that’s Dr. Lance Wallnau. He has a lot of humor, teaches on things that are relevant for our lives and he is not afraid of sharing his opinions. For about ten years he has taught on “The Seven Mountains of Influence” where he believes that Christians should be involved.

The seven mountains are

  • Family
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Government/Law
  • Media/News & Commentary
  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Business/Economics

We as Christians are called to influence these areas to usher in God’s kingdom on earth and not just hide in our churches and let people without faith dominate all these areas.

For those of you who are interested to take part in this in a more engaged way Lance’s “7m underground” movement is a way to do it.


Today I heard Lance telling his listeners at Periscope that he was inspired by someone to review each year for fruitful relationships and then in an active way invest in these individuals. People come and go in our lives and as Jesus said in John 15 the wine dresser  prunes his fruitful wine trees to get even more fruit and those that are unfruitful he cut down. (Periscope is a live video social media linked up with Twitter.)

Give these people attention and you will get directions

If we invest in these positive people who enter our life scenes they will most certainly also invest in us. Often we are too shy to take the initiative but what could go wrong? I immediately thought of people who could help me in reaching out to the young mothers I long to help and I could maybe help them in their business somehow.

Runner’s Corner

Runner’s Corner in my town is a shop for all kind of running equipment. Last week Bjorn celebrated his first ten years as the owner in his shop. I have been a customer even before that as he shared an ownership of the same shop in another town. I have bought most of my running stuff at his shop and taken part of running arrangements whenever he made some races. Yesterday I collected shoes and a head lamp I had ordered. I was the only customer in his shop and he said to me:


runners-corner-event 2017

(If you like to hear about the events I wrote about it last November and the link is above the picture.)

You have been with me from the start. I can’t think of any other customer who have been faithful this long period since I started my business.

Then he gave me a gift card for a cruise for two to Oslo and back to Denmark. Bjorn had tears in his eyes. I write this because I want to remember his words and think about how I can be a blessing to his work in the shop.

Stine’s Skin Care and Peter SOS

When I stopped working as a health visitor in 2014 I had an appointment at a skin care clinic that I go to every months. I told Stine the owner of the clinic about my idea of starting Baby Health Care on a private basis. She eagerly took part in this and gave me an idea to contact a web master to help me create a nice blog page. This man Peter has helped me several times to make my three blogs as I want them to be. So both Peter and Stine are people I want to be faithful to.

Some of you in the blogging sphere are just as valuable for me and I want to be faithful to you too.

Going back to 1987

When my four children were between one and eight years old I was suffering immensely in my marriage. My ex husband seemed to utterly reject and dislike me and I never knew how he would react towards me or our small children if he was provoked. Some Christian woman helped me to get in contact with a Christian doctor who understood my situation and that my relationship with my  husband was dangerous and incurable. He gave me a bible verse that would plant hope in me. That was the year before I heard about the bible school in Sweden that would also help me to be restored.

From the Old Testament

Joel 2:25 a

And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten

Sometimes you are in a situation where you can only receive from a person and not give anything back.

I still visit the Word of Life church in Uppsala whenever I come to visit. I am sorry to say that their web side is in Swedish only though they have an international bible school class.

I had to let go of being hurt by a leader’s choice in life and now I am inspired by international another leader.



  1. What a touching gesture by Bjorn! It just serves as a reminder that you were an “influencing” relationship with him, perhaps without you ever really knowing to what extent. Great post Maria!


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