Danish Christmas Star Decorations

This subject might seem a bit outdated, but things take time, and a handmade star does too.


When I was a child my father started to make stars for Christmas decorations and from I was about twelve or more I learnt how to do it. I still have some of his faded 50-60 years old paper stars. He made them in different sizes, the smallest could lie in a walnut shell together with a heart and another little thing as described in a Danish post on first my Christmas abroad.

This Christmas, my daughter, brought us a load of new “silver metal” stripes. I knew I could make them but had to stop after about three hours of frustration on the day before Christmas Eve.

I bought some paper stripes as I thought they would be easier to make than the metallic ones. The fact was that I couldn’t follow the guide and the “know how” had slipped away. None among the family members had any idea either.


The solution came a week after. We had invited some neighbours for coffee, and I remembered to ask if they knew the art of making the traditional Christmas stars? The answer was YES!

I was shown how to do it step by step, and during the last few days, I have finished a lot of them.


Here are photos on how to make them should any of you have some stripes in a cupboard. I will donate them all for my daughter’s 2019 Christmas tree as she will start having their own Christmas from next year. You can stop the slideshow if you would give it a try.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just as I felt awful and helpless not being able to recall my skills in making the stars, I enjoyed doing it as soon as I refound the ability.

With this post, I would like to thank you for taking your time to visit my blog, and I wish you all a Happy New Year


  1. I’m glad you found someone to re-teach you the stars! They’re beautiful! I did my tree in red and white decorations, these would have looked great. I’ll have to try and find some paper to give it a go!!
    Happy New Year to you and Henry!!

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  2. Kære Maria
    Hvor er de fine og dejligt du fik genopfrisket hvordan man laver dem. Jeg har aldrig fået gennemskuet teknikken.


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