A Small Art Museum in Copenhagen

The Hirschsprungske Collection,

The Collection of paintings comes from a Jewish Danish family Hirschsprung who made their living from the tobacco industry. A war broke out between Germany and Denmark in 1864, and that helped the young people to be able to get married. Paulina was an orphan, and her guardian didn’t regard Heinrich as suitable for her. He went to war, and in his absence, they got married. Their number of children and Collection of paintings grew together.

The building was built after Heinrich death in 1911 to suit his art collection and is an architectonical pearl in the park situated close to the Danish National Gallery.

My husband and I visited the museum in October of 2021. Unfortunately, it’s once more closed for the public. Since my youth, I have treasured this place.

The Entrance to The Hirschsprungske Collection

One of the special exhibitions was “Sick children”, especially girls. Somehow that was a prevalent theme around the late 19th century. It was also when cures with fresh air, sunshine, and healthy food became popular.

Other paintings from the museum’s permanent exhibition

Enterior of the Hirschsprungske Collection


  1. It’s a magnificent building and the paintings are outstanding. Glad you were able to visit before it closed again. Looks like the pandemic protocols were halted too early, because we’re all back in them again.

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    • Again thank you so much for commenting on my post again. We have many art treasures here in Denmark, and I love to share them with people outside of our sphere. Good people have donated their collections to the state so that their art remain together

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