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Holiday in California

#two in a series on first time Should any of you have been wondering why I haven’t been posting, I have a good excuse. My husband and I spent 15 days in California. This was the first time for me. The distance from Denmark and the vast difference in nature and size overwhelmed me even from before the departure. Mentally […]

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How to BEST fight the good fight!

equestrian, Henri IV, Henry 4th, Paris, Statue

Recently I found myself going back to a very well-known passage of scripture. As soon as the passage came to mind, however, it was followed by a second thought: “I already know what I’ll find.” We think that because it’s a familiar passage, it‘s less able to teach us something new. That’s rarely the case when we’re honestly reading the […]

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Shlomo Katz

A miracle in the middle of the deepest darkness I listen to a classical radio station while driving car as well as at home. I heard about pieces of music that listeners wanted to trace. We were told about a then 27-year-old old Jewish cantor Shlomo Katz from Romania was ordered to sing in a concentration camp in 1942 while […]

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Safe Motherhood Week

Motherhood shapes our future I was asked by Irish writer and editor Danielle Barron to contribute to this EU campaign on this important task. The campaign runs every first week of October to create awareness for healthy pregnancies and safe motherhood. This year we are seeking prominent health bloggers on the topics of pregnancy, motherhood, and maternal health, across Europe, […]

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Other Thoughts on Hospitals

My post on a new hospital being built-in my neighbourhood got me in contact with some of you my precious blogger friends. Molly, a nurse from Maine has a blog called “Shallow Reflections” and she wrote: This sounds like an intriguing design and I hope you do a follow-up on how things are going after it is open for a while. […]

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Deleting History

Quote from my blogger friend Paul Soren.   Please go to the post via the link above While I’m talking about commemorating things I want to refer to the growing debate about memorials to past historical events that some people want to pull down. I’m not in the business of re-writing history to suit current sensibilities. I know that someone’s hero […]

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