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Vacuum Therapy & Sleep

#WeekendCoffeeShare in Dianas’ Part-Time monster blog If we were having coffee I would tell you of these two new investments in health I don’t like to talk about it but my back has felt stiff for years due to a curvature of the spine or just a result of being born two months prematurely. I never wanted it to hinder […]

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Modern History

Inspiration from the blogs I follow The writer behind the blog “Light Room” says following in a poem. She might be excited about the new area that comes with president Trump. Unexpectedly unimaginable change like sudden snow-melt muttered possibilities as though we stood on mountains and could see for miles I have other bloggers “The Happy Quitter” I follow who […]

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The Daily Prompt from the Daily Post from WordPress can be a help in times of lack of inspiration. I very much dislike to lose things or to break them. I was brought up in a time where new things were seldom bought and if I really wanted something it would mostly remain a dream. Most things I own are precious to […]

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