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The Daily Prompt from the Daily Post from WordPress can be a help in times of lack of inspiration. I very much dislike to lose things or to break them. I was brought up in a time where new things were seldom bought and if I really wanted something it would mostly remain a dream. Most things I own are precious to […]

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Market Day in Tuscany

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Have you ever dreamed of visiting Tuscany? If you’ve never been, but have done even a preliminary internet search, you’ll like have seen images of tiny hill-top villages perched above olive groves or vineyards and narrow, winding roads lined with upright Italian cypress trees. You’ll definitely see all of this on your way to, or through, Tuscany. One such hilltop […]

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Developing Patience

Yesterday I found Romy’s blog post on how patiently her father he had taken care of his mother for a long time until her recent death. She had preferred her other children to him but he was the one who helped her to the last breath.   The easiest thing would be to turn your back on her and let […]

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Visit a Design Store in my Town 

I would like to show you a shop filled with modern furniture and design interior things. The name of the store is X-Akt. You can see the many different things here. It’s tucked away and difficult to find even for me who have lived here for 21 years. It started as an appendix to a gas station but has developed […]

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Home Made Bread

I have made it a habit to bake bread rolls from a dough that is made the day before. I put it in the refrigerator or outside the entrance if the temperature is similar to the refrigerator. Some people have asked me for the recipe so I will try to describe it here.   Half a liter mixed grains like […]

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