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Danish Skagen Painters

Where two seas meet in the most northern part of Jutland in Denmark is Skagen, a famous place for painters in the late 19th century. Artists also came from Norway and Sweden to participate in the gatherings at Anna and Michael Ancher’s home and at the Broendom Hotel which was owned by Anna’s family who had a significant influence in […]

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Resistance Fighters in Denmark During WWII

On the 4th and 5th of May, We celebrated our 74th anniversary for our liberation from the German occupation. The hated blackout curtains were thrown out and spontaneously candles lit up in windowsills. A custom still kept alive today by the older generations. In 1975, I had completed my education as a staff nurse at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen. Little […]

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The Verdun Memorial Bench

The Verdun Memorial Bench at Kew Gardens It could be so that many Kew Garden visitors choose to take a rest at this memorial bench without realising the meaning of it. Hope and Remembrance It immediately caught my eye as something extraordinary, and a carved inscription beneath the seat tells the story that the wood comes from an acorn found […]

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